Scalex lotion

Scalex lotion


100% natural lotion extracted from herbs for hair loss treatment.



100% natural lotion extracted from herbs for hair loss treatment.

Scalex lotion consists of a very special group of the best plants that scientifically proven effectiveness in preventing hair loss.

Palmetto extract, chrysanthemums, lavender extract, garlic extract, chamomile extract, green tea extract, thyme extract, and rose oil plus panthenol.

Saw Palmetto (Palmetto extract), there are many recent studies that prove it to be effective in treating hereditary baldness as it works to inhibit the enzyme (5 α-reductase) which is responsible for converting the hormone Testosterone to an active form that causes baldness.

It should be noted that the concentration of Palmetto in scalex is enough to be effective, also palmetto in scalex lotion is made inactive form and in a natural and chemical media maintains its effectiveness, So that’s what distinguishes scalex from other products.

Also, Garlic Extract stimulates hair growth and feeds its roots and at the same time resisting the emergence of dandruff due to containing Allicin substance which has antifungal properties.

Scalex also contains Calendula Extract which provides healing properties through a Myrtenol and α-cardinal helping strongly in unhealthy scalp treatment and that may be the cause of hair loss in some cases.
Hence the name scalex where they are derived from the scalp which means your scalp hair.

scalex contain thyme extract that improves blood circulation in the scalp in General.

Panthenol and almond oil hydrating hair so it doesn’t cause excessive dryness of hair like other types of products would cause in dealing with genetic baldness.

In addition, Scalex Lotion contains many natural antioxidants that are approved recently to prevent early graying.

Indications :
• Hair loss
• androgenic alopecia .
brittle, damaged and dry hair.
• Dandruff.
• Premature graying of hair.

cases that may not respond to the scalex solution:
Are cases of genetic baldness where scalp completely free of hair.

Side effects :
no side effects have been recorded on human health because it is a natural extract.

Contraindications :
There is no.

Method of use:
• Spray 10-15 sprays (1-1.5 ml) on the scalp directly once or twice a day and leave for at least an hour, we can leave without rinsing.
• Used for 2-6 months until we get the desired result.
• For best results preferred not to use any chemicals during the treatment period, and also preferred to use the rest of the company herbal products for hair care such as shampoo, lotion, etc so that they are all natural and safe.

Scalex lotion available in pharmacies as well as available for sale online.


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