Rohan shampoo herbal extract for healthy and soft hair.



Rohan shampoo herbal extract for healthy and soft hair.

Rohan has a very rich set of natural herbs include sesame oil, Arugula and almond oil and onion oil and Castor oil and jojoba oil and Aloe Vera extract plus panthenol and caffeine.

Previous components contain a lot of organic compounds, vitamins, amino acids, and fatty acids.
Rohan has a relatively weak foam to keep as much of the natural oils that encapsulate the hair so removes dust and dirt without removing all the hair’s natural oils (Sebum And Natural Oils). (Cleans without drying)

Also, Rohan shampoo sodium and sulfur-free so it is suitable for hair after a keratin protein or individual.
Rohan also shampoo – unlike other shampoo products — it does not cause premature graying but on the contrary it helps to increase the melanin pigment to fit on sesamin and substance that stimulates the enzyme tyrosinase responsible melanin pigment.

Also, the Quercetin in onion has Vasodilator Activity so have a positive role in stimulating circulation to your scalp hair.

Rohan also has sativin material with anti-fungal properties that may protect the scalp from fungal infections also contains castor oil which preserves the glossed hair after washing.

Also, Rohan shampoo contains jojoba oil which is composed of 97% wax esters which resemble wax that enter into the composition of natural fatty secretion (sebum).

Rohan also contains Aloe extract which is known since long time ago by its positive impact on hair growth and strength.

Product safety:
Rohan shampoo does not contain any harmful chemicals and contains a lot of natural oils and is suitable for all ages, even children.

Rohan shampoo does not cause burning eye like most other shampoos so that children don’t cry when they use Rohan shampoo.

As well as Rohan is Triethanolamine free shampoo which is substance causing deterioration of hair over the long term.

How to use:
Put a sufficient amount of shampoo on wet hair then massage gently leaves for two minutes and rinse with water.
And if your hair very greasy you can repeat this process to obtain an acceptable foam.

Availability :
Rohan shampoo available in pharmacies as well as available for sale online.


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