Onaj mask Natural cream extracted from natural oils for healthy, soft and shiny hair.



Onaj mask Natural cream extracted from natural oils for healthy, soft and shiny hair.

Ingredients :
Almond-Shea butter-avocado extract-protein wheat, panthenol-plus biotin-vitamin E.

Previous components contain plenty of organic compounds, vitamins, amino acids, and fatty acids.

Onaj contains the highest concentration of both omega 3 and omega 6 which are very important natural ingredients for healthy and bright hair.
In addition to the beta-sitosterol which is a natural substance effective in preventing hair loss.
Properties :
• hair moisturizer cream with natural oils and proteins extract.
• Prevents hair breakage, gives glamorous and shiny.
• prevent excessive hair loss.
• Increases the smoothness of the hair and makes it easy to comb.
• Onaj mask does not leave greasy traces like most other creams, do not cause distress and don’t collect dust.
• Vitamin e (α-Tocopherol) is a powerful antioxidant and protects hair from graying early.

Indications :
• Daily care for hair.
• Hair moisturizer cream.
• to treat damaged and brittle hair.
• Weak growth of hair.

Product safety :
Onaj is a pure natural extract mask does not contain any harmful chemicals and is suitable for all ages, even children.

Also, Onaj mask completely free of Triethanolamine material which causes deterioration of hair over the long term.

Side effects:
no side effects have been recorded for the product on human health Because it is a natural extract.

Method of use :
Taking suitable amount on the Palm of hand then massage it with the other hand, massage hair gently and then leaves. Do this once a day. You can use a cream bath day after day.

Onaj mask available in pharmacies as well as available for sale online


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