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Unique combination of medicinal plants and fruit acids plus vitamin c.

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Unique combination of medicinal plants and fruit acids plus vitamin c.

Ingredients :
vitamin c-lactic acid-glycolic acid-glycyrrhizin-titanium dioxide-Kojic acid-Glycerin.

Diaro package properties:
• Diaro package has been manufactured from a specific material to prevent interaction with fruit acids to ensure its effectiveness.
• Opaque package to prevent access of light so the material is not affected.
• package designed in airless pump technology to prevent the entry of the air inside the package to prevent oxidation of the active substances.
• Packaging 30 ml enough 180 pressure flip face needs only 6 pressure flips at a time.

Diaro cream properties :
Fruit acids concentration in cream diaro are higher concentrations.
Also, it’s completely free of Hydroquinone that has negative effects on the skin.

Diaro cream contains Kojic acid (natural extracts of mushroom rice was discovered in 1907). Kojic acid is a safe alternative to hydroquinone and material used to lighten the skin.

Diaro cream also contains vitamin c in an active and effective manner. Vitamin c is the most important antioxidant for the skin and protects the skin from wrinkles and protects it from the effects of the Sun and other factors affecting the skin. As he enters in the composition of hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine material substance which consists of natural collagen in the skin and is responsible for skin tightening and prevent its limpness.

Diaro cream contains lactic acid (Lactic Acid) the first acid extracted from sour milk in 1780 and is the most important fruit acids. lactic acid exfoliates dead cells of the skin, glamorous and earned freshness and protects against clogging of the sebaceous glands in the skin and that lead to acne.
Diaro cream contains (Glycolic Acid) which is the smallest fruit acid developed in the molecular structure and therefore has the ability to enter deeply into the skin to the internal skin tissue restoration and improvement of scars and pores.

Diaro cream also contains glycyrrhizin which contains glabridin material that is considered powerful antioxidants and has an effective impact on long-term skin lightening.

• Give the skin freshness and brightness.
• Remove fine wrinkles and protect from deep wrinkles •
Protection of Melasma during pregnancy.
• Dark circles around the eye.
• Skin Whitening.

Product safety :
Diaro cream is a pure natural extract does not contain any harmful chemicals, suitable for all ages and safe for use during pregnancy and lactation.

no side effects have been registered for the product on human health Because it is a natural extract.

Sensitivity to KOJIC ACID

Method of use :
• Use once or twice a day and leave for at least an hour.
• To get the desired results should be used for a minimum of two months.
• For best results, you should avoid direct exposure to the Sun.

Diaro cream available in pharmacies as well as available for sale online.

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